Mission Statement

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Mission Statement & Ethos

St. Gabriel’s Special School is dedicated to enabling each pupil to enhance and develop their unique abilities and talents in the areas of their social, physical, emotional, communication, thinking, spiritual and vocational development.

St. Gabriel’s advocates for and protects the pupils’ right to the best quality of educational experience and appropriate supportive therapies for well-being, quality of life and holistic development.

St. Gabriel’s ultimate aim is to enable our pupils to be as independent as possible in all aspects of their daily lives.

Our strength lies in our commitment to the team approach. St. Gabriel’s school team includes the teachers, special needs assistants, multi-disciplinary team, ancillary staff and the Board of Management. We value each staff member’s contribution. Staff are facilitated to be flexible and open to new learning and recent developments in education and therapies.

Our school ethos encourages learning in a happy, secure, safe and stimulating environment.

Our approach incorporates professional open communication, respect, confidentiality, positive attitudes, enthusiasm and dedication with a child-centred focus.

We actively promote co-operation with parents as partners in their child’s education.